Reilly Rod - Joe Mahler Series

Reilly Rod - Joe Mahler Series


The Joe Mahler Signature Series rods feature a unique grip design with the Mahler logo etched in flor-grade cork grip. The unique aspect of this grip is that it features a ‘dip’ for finger or thumb placement. This ‘dip’ adds both comfort and stability to the grip.

The rods are best described as “everyday rods… comfortable, like your favorite pair of jeans. It’s the rod you’ll grab when you want to spend a relaxing day on the water.”

Joe is known for his numerous casting articles and illustrations. His easy-going approach and effortless casting style fit perfectly with the Reilly philosophy.

“In my years of giving private casting lessons, I have noticed that both beginners and experienced casters advance quicker and with less effort with a medium-fast action rod. I described what I wanted to Chris and he was able to deliver precisely what I was hoping for.”

The rods are available in two models, the Lily Pad 5/6 and the Cypress 7/8, using colors pulled directly from nature. The Lily Pad is a shade of bright green, and the Cypress is medium orange. Both models feature salt-ready hardware, including three titanium stripping guides. They also come with a color-matched cloth sock and plastic tube for easy transport.

And like all Reilly Rod Crafters Rods, these rods carry a lifetime warranty.

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